What Makes Classic Army Airsoft Guns Worth Buying?

 What Makes Classic Army Airsoft Guns Worth Buying?

In the world of airsoft, there’s a stiff competition among the manufacturers of guns and pistols .38 special ammo . However, only a few could reach the status of Classic Army (CA) which is one of the widely recognized manufacturers all over the world.

If you’re a fan of CA, this article could give you more information about the brand that you already love. If you prefer other brands or if you’re just new to airsoft, this article can show you why others love CA.

So what are you waiting for? Read on and learn more.

A Background

Classic Army (Yick Fung International) is a manufacturer of airsoft electric guns (AEGs) that is based in Hong Kong. It has been in the business since 1997 and has steadily increased its fan base among airsoft enthusiasts worldwide.

What Sets CA Apart from the Competition

For many airsoft enthusiasts, there are two popular names when it comes to airsoft guns. First is Tokyo Marui which made an innovation with their introduction of the automatic electric gun. Then there’s Classic Army, simply referred to as CA by enthusiasts.

So what makes Classic Army’s line of airsoft guns so special and so popular among airsofters? That would be their manufacturing of airsoft guns that feature metal bodies. They came into the market wherein most manufacturers used plastic materials for the bodies of their guns.

Their use of metal bodies is so popular not only because the competition used plastic, but also because metal bodies added realism to the feel of the guns. Thus, the popularity of CA soared further when they introduced their line of full metallic airsoft guns in 2000.

The Real Gun Logo

To add more realism to their products, CA also spent a considerable amount of their money getting trademarks of popular firearms manufacturers on their replicas. They currently have some of the trademarks of the biggest firearm manufacturers all over the world including Armalite, Brugger-Thomet and Steyr Arms.

Called the Real Gun Logo, this has enabled CA to sta

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