Steps to Becoming a Security Guard

The job of a security guard is challenging but very risky. You have the responsibility of securing the lives, properties and personal belonging of other people residential security London. At times, the watchman gets very little rest due to continuous hours of work. Guards work in shifts and have to follow schedules imposed by supervisors or property owners. You must be physically fit, psychologically stable and alert at all times. Security guards undergo special training in self defense, emergency response techniques, report writing, apprehension of felons, and handling of firearms. There are several steps to follow if you are determined to become a good security guard. Read below for more information.

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There are minimum requirements before you can start training. You have to be at least 18 years old and above with high school diploma and legitimate driver’s license. It is also a requirement to pass the standard drug testing. It is advisable to have a two-year degree in preferably in criminal justice for placement purposes. Certain schools provide training for students who want to become full-pledged security guards. The basic course generally includes first-aid, crowd control and patrol procedures. Curriculum for certificate courses may also cover practical training in actual job sites and continuing education classes every year.

It is also necessary to finish a pre-assignment module or take up related training on property and human rights, detention procedures and relevant subjects. Aside from the usual license, the prospective security guard should also apply for firearms license as well as additional training in usage of pistols and fundamental surveillance techniques.You have to find out in advance if the company will ask you to shoulder the cost of license and uniform. Some security firms may pay for these requirements but ask you to pay back in installments or through deductions from your monthly wages.

Armed guards and those assigned in banks or armored cars get higher pay compared to unarmed guards assigned in corporate offices. Find out about the contract that security companies offer. Most of these are short-term agreements which will mean that you get transferred from time to time. You can look for employers or companies that hire security guards directly because you are guaranteed a longer tenure.

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