Roary the Racing Car

Roary the Racing Car is a proud new addition to the venerable tradition of children’s television shows designed to teach young children a valuable lesson in each installment; and like other successful members of this selective genera Roary the Racing Car makes use of a celebrity voice, Peter Kay, to bring one of the main characters to life; both on screen and in children’s hearts. Peter Kay is also responsible for singing the Roary the Racing Car theme song played at the top of each show Race Pages . Though not well known in the US Peter Kay is a hugely successful comedian in the UK with a career spanning more than a few years.

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Roary the Racing Car also makes use of the timeless effect of stop motion photography. Over the years stop motion photography as a science and technique has advanced to the point where it can rival some of the best CGI work in terms of clarity and smoothness; and Roary the Racing Car is pretty much at the top of the game. It is easy to see the enormous work put in to each and every episode; the fluid camera work, the detailed models, and the high quality voice work all mesh in to something far greater than the sum of its parts. Because stop motion photography is seen as a timeless technique it is cleat that Roary the Racing Car will be with us for quite some time to come.
The moral stories of Roary the Racing Car also lend to its timelessness factor. Like a goof fable or fairy tale the plot lines of each Roary the Racing Car episode revolve around an issue of honor or morality lending credence to the “do the right thing” mantra in a way that a parents speech to a young child never could. An additional benefit to this do the right thing message, beyond making the content timeless, is that it makes parents feel better about letting their children watch television.
With all of these stars aligning it is little wonder that Roary the Racing Car is the runaway hit that it is today. Still though there was always the chance that this show might never have made it; children’s television is no different from any other form of television, and there is always the chance that a fickle audience will turn on a dime finding new and more entertaining content to watch. The nail in the coffin of success for Roary the Racing Car however was its master captain Ken Chapman. Chapman is responsible for the success of not only Thomas the Tank Engine, but also Bob the Builder. Clearly he has the formula worked out well enough that Roary the Racing Car can reap the benefits.

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