Non Reciprocal Links = Top Google Rankings

When I left my day job four years ago I had four website’s, today I have forty five sites and a while back I noticed that two of my sites have held their “Top Three” positions through all of the trends, fads, search engine updates, even the Florida update did not affect their top positions. To say the least I was perplexed, there was nothing really apparent that made these two sites different in fact I had did a terrible job of keeping them updated, you know too busy with the other site’s greasing the squeaky wheels. They were not broken so I did not fix them.

So anyway I needed to figure out why these sites had did so well with so little attention. Now I am thinking if I can just figure out why then I can do the same to the rest of my sites google search scraper . But like I said earlier I did very little to these sites, they never needed it. It just did not make sense until after days of hair pulling I decided to analyze them just like I would do one of my competitors. First the on page factors had nothing special just very basic SEO, second I looked at the list of inbound links nothing really jumped out at me, so I made a list of my reciprocal partners from my links page then eliminated those from the inbound link list, which left about three dozen links of which six were scraper site’s so I eliminated those so now there are 30 links I did not know about, at first I thought no big deal these are just links from site’s that wanted a reciprocal link and I never got back to them, like I said I had neglected these two sites. Analyzing the 30 links, six or seven probably were from reciprocal link request that I had ignored, so I was left with 23 unexpected links to analyze and here’s what I found

Every webmaster knows that how important links are for high page ranking, especially for Google. Well, web is a world woven out of links. There are inbound and outbound links. The more inbound links (links to your site) the better your site is in the eyes of search engines. If you have more outbound links they are not that useful. But the worst is to have bad links i.e. your bad neighborhood. You invite the Google wrath by linking improper sites. The logic is pretty simple that if you befriend with the outlaws, you are considered one of them. Google’ guidelines advises webmasters

It might look unfair to get penalized for a crime which somebody else is committing. But it is a general rule that birds of same feather flock together, so being in touch with a bad neighbor implies you being one of them. Moreover sites use different technique to trick search engines, it is fair to penalize those ones for the integrity of the search results. Search engines cannot overlook the unethical practices. Search engines opposite to the general perception are ingeniously fair. They don’t punish you for a crime which you have not committed. This means that if you have “bad” inbound links then you won’t be punished as they are coming to you. but if have good amount of bad outbound links as well then it shows you vote for them and it calls for penalty. So in no case link your site to these baddies of internet.

There are a good number of sites which to gain page rank, sin or resort to unethical means. Like spamming, we all know is considered unethical by search engines and hence not tolerated. Similarly stuffing of keywords, duplicating the content, hidden text, doorway pages, deceptive titles etc are those practices which are not legal hence not sparred by search engine.

The world is full of bad elements and unethical practices. Moreover the world of web is so vast and ever changing that it becomes an arduous task to find out who is bad and who is not. But better safe than sorry so pull up you and go on a fault finding spree.

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