What You Need to Know About General Aviation Charter Flights

Many charter flights are part of a large segment of air travel known as general aviation. Most people don’t realize that much of the world’s air traffic falls under this category. This refers to all flights that are not military, scheduled airline or regular cargo flights, both private and commercial. General aviation flights range from gliders and powered parachutes to large, non-scheduled cargo jet flights. In fact, most of the airports in the world serve general aviation aircraft only.

General aviation is very popular in North America where there are over 6300 airports available for use by pilots flying only this type of aircraft. About 5300 of those airports are in the United States, with an additional 1000 in Canada. Scheduled flight aircraft only fly in and out of 600 airports in the United States.

According to the U.S. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, this aviation sector provides more than one percent of the United States, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), with 1.3 million jobs in professional services and manufacturing.

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General aviation encompasses a large range of activities – both non-commercial and commercial, which includes flight training, private flying, police aircraft, air ambulance, air charter, air firefighting, bush flying, skydiving, gliding, and many more. In recent years experimental aircraft, light jets, and light-sport aircraft have become popular trends.

This business aviation segment provides important companies in America with fast and efficient air services enabling them to succeed and compete in the US and around the world. American companies use these aircraft to visit to their sister companies and factories, make business sales calls, and fly employees between different locations.

General Aviation boasts a business aviation fleet of 231,607 aircraft and the United States has nearly 20,000 public and private use airports and heliports which enable employees from small companies to get to the right place at the right time. Such flights are vital to meeting business needs in a fast paced world.

In addition, the passengers have access to over 5,000 public-use local and regional airports that offer support services including fueling, for business aircraft. These smaller Limo Service near me airports are often located near the country’s top business centers.

In contrast, commercial airlines serve only 565 large airports, with 70% of airline traffic going to only 30 major airports. Flying commercially in and out of these large airports requires that passengers allow for extra time to get through security, get to connecting flights, deal with baggage and figure out car rental or ground transportation. Only then can they drive to their final destination.

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