Samsung M02 Models

Samsung M 02, the mid-budget smartphone by Samsung has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of common man. It is a perfect blend of entertainment, performance and affordability. Samsung has once again created a differentiating factor between itself and its competition, and thereby created a brand equity which is increasing with each passing day. The device runs on Gingerbread OS, as earlier announced, and features Exynos processor. Camera and other additional specifications are also disclosed and now the phone is ready for sale in India.

At present, Samsung M02 is priced at Rs 15,000 in India, where other smartphones are priced in the same range. It is equipped with Windows operating system, which is an enhanced edition of Windows XP platform running on the Samsung KORE series of machines Samsung M02 . With the advanced Windows platform, Samsung M02 can perform the task smoothly without any glitches or bugs. The high screen-to-body ratio gives a complete viewing experience to the users.

The large multi touch keyboard of the smartphone gives an experience of using a real keyboard. In this way, you can type SMS text messages, e-mail, and even e-mails from the comfort of your bed. The large buttons give a nice feel, even when you are using the Samsung Galaxy S-toy, which is a small mobile phone. The Samsung M02 offers a unique blend of fun and functionality, which is quite similar to the Apple iPod Touch, which is one of the most popular brands in the Indian mobile phone market. The Samsung M02 price, for this mobile phone, is in the mid-budget category, but with all the advanced features it offers, its price tag is irresistible.

With the Samsung Galaxy S-toy, the user has the advantage of a large, 5.1 inch capacitive touchscreen, which offers a bright, sharp image display. The large button also offers a good browsing experience when you are using the Samsung Galaxy S-toy, which is one of the best bargains in the market for a touch screen mobile phone. If you want to buy the handset at a cheaper rate, then you can go in for the contract deal which would help you save on the Samsung M02 price. With the contract deal, you would not have to pay a heavy price for the device, instead you would be getting a low-cost mobile phone, which is loaded with all the latest features and technologies. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S-toy’s contract deal from any of the leading mobile phone shops and retailers, who are known for providing the best deals on the device.

Samsung Motes is another fantastic option available in the Samsung Galaxy S-toy, which has the ability to allow two different SIM cards to be added in to the mobile phone, thereby giving unlimited talk time to the user. The Samsung Galaxy S-toy has the ability to allow free download of the Samsung apps, which can be downloaded via the microSD card slot. This device has been equipped with a dual SIM card, which means that the user can opt for international calling facilities as well, without having to change the SIM cards. The Samsung Galaxy S-toy also has an integrated music player, which enables the user to listen to their favorite music tracks. Other features like USB cable, memory card, heart rate monitor, speaker phone and Bluetooth headset are also present in this handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S-toy has a very large display size, which makes it difficult for the users to view the text on the screen, due to the small fonts. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S-toy has a very small display, which limits the users to view the video. However, the Samsung Galaxy S-toy comes with a generous display size, which gives it the ability to provide bright images. The Samsung Galaxy S-toy has a very high performance, which is able to retain the images for long hours without affecting the colors.

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