5 tips for playing online

People tend to get into a routine in all aspects of their lives, so the same goes for gambling. Here’s a trick to change the habit in your favour. You probably know that it’s hard to break a bad habit, so you’d better think carefully before you start playing. To help you develop better habits,… Continue reading 5 tips for playing online

Slot Bonuses and Bonus Games

As mentioned above, classic slot machines originally did not have special bonuses and feature games. However, with the advent of computer technology, things have changed. Nowadays, it is harder to find a slot machine in an online casino that does not have at least one bonus or feature game. Let’s take a look at the… Continue reading Slot Bonuses and Bonus Games

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10 online slot tips

If you’re looking for ways to get the edge over the casino when playing slots, then you’re sure to have come across lots of different tips. Some may have been good, some not so much.  We love online slots, so it was easy to see which tips were good and which were bad. There are… Continue reading 10 online slot tips